147 Snooker Break by Ronnie O’Sullivan

I’ve never been a snooker player, but watching this makes me want to give it a go. This guy has it together!

If you’re like me, you might want a quick refresher on how this works. Borrowed from *gasp* a youtube comment (@Idontknowmynamesowy):

The aim is to pot a red followed by a colour, any colour.
Reds = 1Yellow = 2Green = 3Brown = 4Blue = 5Pink = 6Black = 7.
So the 147 is only possible if you go red, black, red, black etc.
If you hit the wrong ball, then that is a foul and gives points to the other guy. They can´╗┐ force you to try retake your shot if they think you will fuck it up again.
If the 2nd player gets to the table then they start on 0. You always start by hitting a red when you come to the table.

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