Texas Ups Speed Limit To 85 MPH

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Holy crap! 85 is fast. I think my car's terminal velocity is less than 85 mph; certainly its top-speed is. :( I guess in Texas MPH > MPG.

Put the pedal to the metal and get it in gear, today the max speed limit in Texas was officially raise to 85 MPH. Woohoo, yee-doggy!

But it will still be some time before motorists are allowed to actually go 85 MPH. While the speed limit has changed, the speed limit signs have not. The Texas Department of Transportation will first be evaluating which stretches of highways can safely have their speed limits increased to just 75 from 70. The study will be completed, along with the posting of the new signs, by 2013.

Today Texas also repealed speed limit signs that mandated a 5 MPH slower speed limit when driving at night.

Who wants to drive across vast stretches of blandness as fast as possible with me to celebrate?!?!

New Texas traffic laws start September 1 [KXII]
Legislation Regulating Speed Limits Takes Effect [txdot.gov]

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