Police Remind Shopper That A Full-Sized Fridge Does Not Fit Into The Trunk Of A Honda Accord

A full-sized refrigerator is a pretty sizable appliance, usually requiring at least a van or pickup truck to haul to its destination. This is something the police in Richmond, British Columbia, had to remind a shopper who thought a few ropes and a prayer would get his fridge home in the trunk of a Honda Accord.

Richmond police said they received a call of a dangerous driving situation outside a store called Liquidation World. As you can see in the above photo taken by the RCMP, the fridge -- secured with ropes tied to the rear seat belts -- wouldn't exactly engender confidence in anyone caught in traffic behind the Accord.

The police aren't laughing about this:

While there may be some humor in this situation, we need to take note of the fact that someone could have been seriously injured if this vehicle became mobile in the state it was... We'd like to encourage people to please take the time to properly transport items.

The fridge-buyer ultimately arranged for more appropriate transport of the appliance.

Metro Vancouver man reprimanded for trying to load full-size fridge into car's trunk [Vancouver Sun]

Thanks to Neil for the tip!

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