Another OK Go Video Extravaganza

OK Go… well, they’ve done it again. First came the treadmills, then the Rube Goldberg thing, and now they’ve done an interactive video for “All is Not Lost” that kinda defies description.

But you need to see it a specific way. First, you need Google Chrome — that’s a prerequisite. Then you go to, and you type in a message, anything you want. Then it loads, you click “GO,” and see what the band, with dancers from Pilobolus, came up with. It’s got people in unitards, it opens up a lot of tiny windows, people spell out your message… let’s call it unique.

This feature explains the project, which is intended as a message for the people of Japan:

And here’s a Making Of-style trailer:

This is the video without the HTML5 stuff. But, trust me, you’re going to want to see it in the fully interactive Google Chrome version:

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